Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Little Random...

- Did you know that 50% of Americans surveyed think that it is ok to live with your parents in your late 20s?

Yes, it's true. Or at least it is true according to Montana*. After almost 3 years, I saw Montana for the first time in J-Hole. We had worked together when I was in college and was an intern and then we both lived in DC at the same time. He is one of the most random people I've ever met. (For example, the summer of my internship, Hoobs* and I took him to a club in downtown Denver and he literally started doing high-kicks on the dance floor. This apparently is normal for him.) Either way, in J-Hole after confirming that I no longer lived with my parents, he passed along the above statistic to let me know it would be ok if I did.

- On my drive from J-Hole to SLC to catch my flight home, I was driving through the Teton Pass just about to cross into Idaho when a moose stepped over the guardrail and moseyed across the road right in front of me. It was the first time that I had ever seen a moose in the flesh and it was GINORMOUS! So I called my parents to tell them of the adventure that I was on and PapaBear* got on the phone and said, "Was it a female or a male?" Seriously, Pops? How is this important in the story that I am currently telling you?

Turns out it was a male because it had horns, and female moose (meese?) don't have horns. What is the plural for moose anyway?

-Louisiana called me last night (apparently my rejection of his marriage proposal didn't phase him). He said that he had the day off today and he wanted to know if I wanted to go fishing. Does he know me at all? There is no part of me that enjoys fishing. There is nothing appealing to me about throwing a hook in the water and then sitting (quietly no less) and waiting for fish to take the bait. And for what? So that once the fish bites you have to take it off of the hook and clean it? No thanks. They sell perfectly good fish in the grocery store.


  1. hey airplane i have one request soemtimes you name people in stories and i have no clue where they came from or who they are Ex: Louisiana. who in the hell is this maybe he is in some other story but i dont remember maybe a little background or at least you could say the story where they first appear. also i think that the free use of the * is getting to be a little ridiculous, but i think, and i could be wrong, the * when used is meant to be a clue that the word or phrase would later be expaned upon.

  2. i got this from wikipedia

    The asterisk is used to call out a footnote, especially when there is only one on the page. Less commonly, multiple asterisks are used to denote different footnotes on a page. (i.e., *, **, ***)

  3. Fish-

    When there is an asterisk it is meant to signify that this is the first time that a person has appeared in the blog. It represents that their name has been changed to protect them. In order to keep confidentiality, most people won't be expanded upon.