Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Biggest Little City...

Well, readers, here we go again…

As I mentioned previously, my annual convention for work was in Reno and Honker, E85, and Antique were all going to be there. Unfortunately, the stories involving the three of them are not as eventful as I would have liked.

I saw Antique first. He was in the trade show the night that it opened and we got a chance to hang out and walk around a little. My obsession with him was renewed at this point and would continue for the remainder of the week (it may be safe to say that the feeling was mutual). In addition to Antique; Honker and The Hottest Man Alive* were also in attendance. A fairly low key night, when the show closed I headed to the Nugget to meet Diddy when he arrived. Honker was at the bar in the casino when we walked by on our way to the Blackjack tables and he winked at me. (Diddy describes the wink as an “I see you, you see me, let’s get together later” wink)

I watched as Diddy and some friends played cards and then out of nowhere, Antique came by to talk to me. (Have I mentioned the obsession?) We talked for a while and then I headed back to my hotel for bed.

The next day was fairly uneventful until the evening. I was invited to a social event for California. I couldn’t decided if I wanted to go or not, but finally decided to make an appearance. I have thanked the Lord every day since then that I did. Antique, Honker, and E85 were all there. My interaction with E85 was less than stellar and I was quite disappointed with him. I got to meet Honker’s parents, which was interesting. And Antique invited me to dinner (unfortunately, Diddy and I had already eaten so I had to decline.) Plus, Diddy was in his room waiting for me so that we could go to another casino and hang out with my folks. Honker and I start talking and I ask him what he’s doing after the social.

Honker: I’m going to the other hotel. (Keep in mind a few things: 1. I have already told him that I plan to head to the Grand Sierra after the social and b. there are six total convention hotels – “the other hotel” isn’t very specific.)
Me: Which other hotel?
Honker: The other hotel.
Me: There are like six other hotels – could you be more specific?
Honker: I’m going to the Grand.
Me: That’s where I’m going.
Honker: That’s why I’m going, and I thought you would know which other hotel I was talking about.
Me: Are you stalking me?
Honker: Yes.
Me: I have lots of stalkers.

I tell him that I need to go get Diddy and then we are going to head over there. He says that he’ll give us a ride if we just call him when we’re ready.

We get to the Grand, meet up with my parents and decide we’re not loving the crowd. I thought about just going back to my hotel (I had a staff meeting at 5:45 the next morning and had to meet my coworkers to ride over to it at 5:20.) Diddy and my mom talked me out of it. So I end up at the Nugget again, and who do I run into? You guessed it, Antique. I see him on my way to the restroom and he says, “We’re going to watch Karaoke, come with us.” So I eventually end up at the Karaoke bar with him and I talk my friend EID (who is also mildly obsessed with him) into joining us. She comes over from her hotel and the three of us end up sitting in the Lounge and talking until 2 am. Ridiculous considering that I had to be up in less than three hours, but I couldn’t walk away from him.

The next day turned out to be a whirlwind of crazy. First, it was committee day, which is our busiest day at convention. Second, Banana had left Reno Thursday afternoon to head to St. Louis and was scheduled to return on Saturday in time to see her dad become President. Instead, my mom called me at 7:00 am – she sounded frantic and told me that Banana had called Bunner* about two hours prior saying that she thought she had a stroke. She was headed to the ER and would let us know as soon as she heard anything. After a long day of waiting and wondering, it was confirmed that she had a minor stroke and Bunner flew to St. Louis to be with her. Fortunately, there was not any major damage and she was released from the hospital and made it back to Reno by Saturday afternoon. She will continue to undergo tests to find out what caused this to happen.

Saturday night, Antique joined me for dinner at the Grand Finale and then, again until 2:30 in the morning we hung out at the bar. I seriously spent the whole night with him. I know more about him than you can believe and at the end of the night, I even got him to join me on the dance floor. It was a blast!

Like I said, nothing too terribly exciting, but stay tuned - I have lots of travel coming up...


  1. Okay, in full nerdiness, I'm reading your archived posts. You should see my living room, I need to clean, I only have so long till the baby wakes up. Geez...

    I think it would be much simpler if we met in person and had coffee so I could hear all about the craziness in your life and I could ask you questions as you went along. Except for the fact I think I'm a teensy bit afraid of you too--:) you may or may not take a picture of me and put me on your other blog! ha! Sometimes your names are soooo confusing, but I look them up on the handy dandy code on the side. What happened to these dudes? I just need to read further? What do you do for work? I am not trying to be too snoopy-so if you don't want to say, it's fine...but I do like the idea of travelling all over and having a party for work. Sounds a little crrrrazy. Now, I will continue on...I have only so long! :)


  3. First of all, I LOVE your comments! They totally make my day!

    Second, I would absolutely love to meet you in person and have coffee!! I am not even kidding! And I promise that I would never put you on the other blog.

    In some cases reading on may help you understand what happened to those dudes. But probably not. Mostly what happened was I got a new job and quit travelling so much so I rarely see them. Though I do talk to some of them occasionally.

    Right now I am a project manager for a public affairs firm. Not as exciting as you might think.