Sunday, March 9, 2008

When It Rains...

The men in my life are back in full force...

Last week I was in Cali for work and I hung out with Honker and Antique.

Honker and I were travelling together in the beginning of the week. Nothing too exciting, but he did take me by the apartment complex that he told me he bought. As far as I can tell there was no real reason for him to go by there except to try and impress me...

On Wednesday night, all three of us were at a dinner meeting together. At the end of the night Honker and I were standing in the parking lot chatting before we left and Antique pulled up. We all talked for a while and then I wanted to leave so I was saying goodbye and Honker came over and gave me a hug. (Diddy says this was like a dog peeing on a tree).

On Thursday I spent all day with Antique. We had a blast! The ranch that he works for is beautiful and he showed me a really cool old canal system that the Chinese built years ago.

Finally, (and this is the big news!) this week I have a date (well, I think it is a date) on Tuesday night with a young man that I have had a baby crush on for a while now...stay posted.

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  1. date details. tomorrow 9 or 10am your time. happy white sox-ing :)