Saturday, March 7, 2009


I love my job! I think that I have mentioned this before, but this week I was reminded of some of the reasons that I love my job.

I left my house Monday morning and headed to airport to fly to Sacramento. The plan was that I would attend county meetings each night of the week with Honker and his officer team. During the day there would be a variety of tours and meetings that we would attend and when not doing that, I had a few conference calls to be on, and work that needed to get done. So, on Thursday, we left the hotel early and headed south. Our first stop was at a feedlot, next it was off to the Harris Ranch Restaurant for lunch with a California Governor's candidate. I mean, how many people go from a feedlot to a major political lunch?!? Either way, during the lunch the candidate was asked about climate change and global warming and she mentioned the Industrial Revolution about 10 times in her response. All I could think about was this video clip: (I couldn't find the video to be embedded so you'll have to watch it via this link.)

One more thing from my trip:

There are two things that every man needs to know (and every woman too so that she can enlighten her man...):

1. If you lose your hair, it is never, I repeat, NEVER acceptable to have a comb-over. I mean do people really think that we don't realize that their hair is being combed from below their ear to the other side of their head? I am not ok with hair pieces either, but they don't freak me out as much as comb-overs.

2. If your eyebrows grow so long that they are growing into your hair line, trim them. No one will be able to tell that you trimmed them, really.

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