Monday, October 14, 2013

Everything You Didn't Know You Needed

Last week I was meeting a friend for dinner and I was a little early so I thought I would stop by IKEA. 

Recently on Instagram, I saw someone post a picture of their jewelry displayed and they said that they had purchased the hooks and bars at IKEA. 

I was not prepared for what was to come. 

When I walked in, it seemed that my only option was to go upstairs to the "showroom." I wasn't really sure what that meant, but I figured it was where I would find what I wanted. 

It was not. And furthermore, I just kept walking in what felt like circles. Thank the TTBJ that there were arrows on the floor because I'm honestly not sure where I would have ended up. And what if there was a fire? I didn't ever see a fire exit.

Finally I asked someone who worked there about the jewelry displays, and he looked at me like I was crazy. Then he said, "Oh, I think you're talking about our belt rack. That is downstairs in our home organization department." 

Uhh - where is that? 

Just go downstairs and it is department number 7.

Wizzah-wuh? Department number 7? How many departments are down there?

The answer is a lot. A lot of departments full of all of the things that I didn't even realize I needed. But all of the sudden they were there in front of me. At such a reasonable price. I started putting random things in the giant yellow bag.

Picture frames. Bath mats. Curtain hanging kits.

Finally I made it to department number 7 - but what I was looking for was not there. I was devastated. 

I put the yellow bag full of randomness down and went to find the exit.

Not as easy as it sounds. 

I texted my friend, "I'm stuck in IKEA and I don't know how to get out. If I don't make it to dinner go on without me."

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