Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Month of Wonders

Mostly wondering where in the world I have been...

It has been nearly a month since I hit the "publish" button at the top of this page, but certainly not a month since I typed out words. Oh well, the past is the past and let's move forward.

Today is Ash Wednesday. I have toyed with what my Lenten commitment would be this year. I thought about giving up alcohol, chips and salsa, sweets, etc. But then Match sent me a link with some thoughts and one stood out to me.

And since I think that it is far better to be positive than negative, I have decided that this year for Lent, I will spend time each of the 40 days writing a letter to someone who has positively impacted my life.

I have written about it before and I am going to practice what I preach. When I think something nice about someone, I'm going to say it. So this Lenten season I am going to say it in writing. To 40 people. 

Here goes nothing...

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