Thursday, November 29, 2007

G-Unit Soldiers...

Last night was a milestone.

Almost a year after graduating from the University of Arizona, where he attended for four and a half years, Diddy went to his first Wildcat basketball game at McKale Center. It was very interesting, but not for anything that happened on the court.

You see, Banana's* dad (Papa G-Unit*), has season tickets and she gets to attend most games because it is a long drive from the C-wood to McKale. When we realized that Diddy and I would be making an overnight stay in T Town the night of a game she had tickets to - it seemed only reasonable that all of us would go.

There was only one problem - Papa G only has two seats. But, left to her own devices, Banana is very smart and she figured that the seat next to her is never sold. So she purchased a ticket in the nosebleed section (literally against that back wall of the arena) and figured one of us would sit in the unsold seat. No problem - right? Wrong!

To start off, Papa G's tickets are not just any tickets - they are in the front row (quite conspicuous). So as the game was getting ready to start the Seat Nazi* came over and asked to see everyone's tickets. Well, Banana didn't have the ticket for the seat so he made her move. She figured she would move up to the student section to sit with HHT* and all would be right in the world. Wrong again!

Seat Nazi was out to get her! As she was sitting in the student section with HHT (and no wristband), he appeared behind her seats. She had to hide from him! He was crazy and was ruining her game-watching experience, so she decided to move to her nosebleed seat for the remainder of the first half.

Let me back up a minute here and tell you that after Banana moved to the student section, Dances With Wolves* moved into the seat that she was going to use. (Diddy and I may or may not have caused a little ruckus about this.)

So...halftime arrives and SuperFan* comes over to see why we have been playing musical chairs all night. We tell her the story and she may or may not have caused a second ruckus with the Event Staff. Turns out Dances With Wolves held the ticket for that seat (shady I tell you) so we were stuck.

Luckily, SuperFan is called that for a reason and she had an extra seat in the third row of the student section where Banana sat for the second half of the game. The Cats won in a blow-out and much to Diddy's dismay my UofA shoes were a big hit!!! (I'll post a pic of the shoes when I get back home.)

So, kids, the moral of today's story is: If you ever become a "Customer Relations" person for McKale Center don't mess with the G-Unit family or you just might find yourself buried in a mineshaft.

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