Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Loves of My Life...

For some reason the urge has struck me to make a list of things I currently (and some I have always) love(d)...

So, dear readers, enjoy your journey into the mystery that is my mind.

  • The Next Food Network Star - seriously, great show.
  • My new boots

  • Jessica Simpson - for wearing this shirt and for making shoes that MA, Glinda, and I can spend so many hours making fun of

  • "That's what she said" jokes - perhaps these aren't as funny when I'm not with the IC, but I don't know.

  • Commercials with a shirtless Michael Phelps - seriously, is there anything hotter than a swimmers body? Wardrobe...

  • My bangs - the craziness that has come from getting bangs is out of control.

  • My iPod - mostly I think I'm loving really getting into the lyrics of songs I already have downloaded.
  • The rules that Beckham and I are creating.
  • Last weekend. The randomness and hilarity were unbeatable.
  • Planning road trips. And making soundtracks.
  • People's weird travel rituals. (For example, today I was on a flight home from El Paso, which is like a 55 minute flight or something, and the guy across the aisle put in ear plugs and wore an eye mask to take a nap.)
  • Facebook messaging during conference calls.
  • Random text messages from people I love.

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