Monday, June 30, 2008

This One's for You, JP*

Ok, boys and girls, gather around me here on the story time carpet. It's time to share the dramatic saga of some small town folks.

SuperFan has this friend - we'll call her Dr. Pepper (DP)*. DP had a rather strange life - she grew up living with her grandparents because her mom had some issues. (When I say issues, I am referring to men/marriage issues.) DP is one of those girls who can not live without a boyfriend. Seriously, she always has one, but never the same one for more than, oh, three seconds.

Then there is LJ*. LJ has bad taste in women. Right after high school he was dating this girl LW*. I can not stand LW!!!! Everytime she sees Bunner she runs up to him with her chest sticking out and rubs her boobs against him! Boobs that LJ bought while they were dating. (And according to Lynsky* - she broke up with him before the stitches were healed.)

So, about a month ago, DP and LJ met for the first time. And last week, they got engaged. The ridiculousness of this proposal is more than words can describe! The wedding is scheduled to take place on Oct. 10, 2009 - the general consensus is that her grandparents required a long engagement because they don't think it's going to last.

If you feel the same, there is a pool in a certain Ag Co-op in Tucson that you can get in for $5 and choose the week that it will all end...


  1. Best Post Ever.

    DP for life :)

  2. Airplane - where have you been? It's almost a month since your last post. I miss your witty banter.