Saturday, August 23, 2008

Diddy and the Snake...

On Wednesday afternoon Diddy, Banana, and I headed out to M-town to visit Sissy. We were in separate cars coming from Casa Grande and I arrived first. I walked up to the door with my bags in my hands, but the kitchen door was locked, so I proceeded to the side door. As I got closer to the door I noticed a weird circle thing right in front of the door. I got pretty close to it before I realized that it was a snake. It was coiled up and sleeping. I jumped about 7 feet before I ran around to the front door to get Sissy. I grabbed her and we went to check it out. We really couldn't tell anything through the glass on the door, so we called Banana and Diddy and told them to be careful when they got there.

Once Diddy and Banana arrived, we all armed ourselves with a garden tool in preparation to kill the snake. (Really in preparation for Diddy to kill the snake - Banana and I were just back up.) So us two girls have shovels and Diddy has the hoe. As he starts to move furniture to get a good swing with the hoe, the snake wakes up and starts hissing at him. Diddy freaks out and Banana has to coach him to kill the snake.

Diddy takes his first swing at the snake and it tries to get away. This is when we realize that it was a rattlesnake. So he began swinging furiously! Sparks were flying every time the hoe hits the concrete, Banana and I were cheering, it was utter chaos! As Diddy hits the snake the last time, the head breaks off of the hoe and flies into the air. Luckily it didn't hit anyone and the snake was dead.

Turns out Diddy is more afraid of snakes than us girls. But he manned up and saved us last week! I am so proud!

WARNING: Graphic pictures below.

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  1. i am soooo sorry i thought that diddy was a man but from the pictures he is obviously a girl. airplane sometimes i can not believe how funny i am.