Thursday, December 11, 2008


Some of you may be wondering how Granny Baller got such a name, so I thought that I would tell the story.

Granny Baller travels a lot. Mostly on cruises for long periods of time. A couple of Christmases ago she had just returned from a cruise and we were sitting at the table enjoying our Christmas dinner when my uncle started giving her a hard time about the trips that she was going on. Granny Baller replied, "That's how I roll." Of course everyone started laughing hysterically. Then my uncle said, "Your grandson, Prince William*, says he rolls like a Baller." To which she replied, speaking to Prince William, "So you know how I roll?"

And speaking of Granny B, the other day I was sitting in my home office trying to get some work done when she called to see if I could have lunch with her. I told her that would be fine and at the appointed time I arrived at her house for lunch. In the middle of lunch she says, "Oh, I almost forgot," and pulled a red gift bag out. Then she proceeds to tell me how she went to get her haircut that morning and she was talking to her hairdresser about how she wants my hair to be short, but I refuse. So her hairdresser told her to send me in and she would do my hair. Then Granny B says, "So, since I absolutely hate your hair, I bought you this gift certificate to get your hair cut by my lady." Gee, thanks...


  1. No she didn't!! You did not tell me about this!!!

  2. haha! I sympathize. My grandma left me her hair pieces (special, I know), just in case I want to bring the bee-hive back I guess. So if you do give in and get yours cut, I have some hair pieces available if you need to fix anything.