Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey! What's Going on Here?

Have you ever noticed how when you are with certain people, the same things tend to happen?

For example, when I am with BodyBuilder we tend to meet the most random people and we end up in very strange situations. Like the time a random guy took a bath in our hotel room. (Don't freak out, he was a friend of a friend, but he was random to us.) And there are a million stories like that. It seems that every time I hang out with her, we end up with a story.

Yesterday Such-n-such came down from Flagstaff to stay the night so that I could take her to the airport this morning; and it appears that when we are together, very strange things happen.

Instead of giving her directions all the way to my house, we decided to meet at PJ Fangs* for lunch. Once we sat at our table it took a while for the waitress to arrive, but we weren't overly concerned because we hadn't seen each other in a while and we had a lot of catching up to do. Consequently, when the waitress arrived we were ready to order. Such-n-such orders a noodle dish and asks if she can add chicken to it. The waitress thinks about it for a while and then finally says, "Sure, I think there is a protein option." Great. Thanks.

She comes back with our drinks and the little sauce tray and she doesn't ask us how we like it before she starts making it. She says, "I only put one scoop of this, but if you like it spicier you can add more. And I only put a little hot mustard because it tastes too much like horseradish to me." Umm, what if we like horseradish?

After a while, the waitress walks by and tells us that our food is being "trayed." We keep talking, not annoyed or impatient, just enjoying each other's company. About 10 minutes later she comes up to our table and says, "Sorry, apparently I didn't specify what kind of chicken you wanted so I just got chewed out by the kitchen." We don't really need the chain of events, we just need our food, please. The food arrives shortly thereafter and we begin eating. I start to run out of iced tea so she walks by and says that she is going to get me another glass. Then a manager comes by and asks me what I'm drinking. I tell him that the waitress has it under control.

We continue to enjoy our lunch when the waitress walks up, sets a plate of sweet and sour chicken on our table and walks away. Then she turns around and says, "On us." What? This is starting to get weird.

About five minutes later a woman dressed in normal clothes comes up to our table (I assume she was also a manager), and asks us how every thing is going. We reply that everything is great and she walks away. She didn't talk to another table on her way to us nor away from us. It was the strangest experience ever.

Then, this morning, as I'm driving her to the airport and we get on the freeway and we can see that a highway patrolman has a truck pulled over ahead of us. There are two officers and one guy standing in front of the patrol car and as we approach one of the officers begins running to his car. As we pass he jumps into the driver seat and the truck begins to pull away. Then the other officer jumps into the car and they take off, leaving the other guy standing on the side of the road. The truck is now travelling down the freeway at a high rate of speed and it passes our car and we get a look at the driver, who I'm pretty sure was a vampire. It takes the highway patrol car a very long time to speed up to the point of even coming close to catching the truck, but he finally does and we lose them.

I don't know if they caught the guy, but it reminded me of what BodyBuilder always says, "Go ahead and run. You'll just go to jail tired."

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