Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Next Stop - Crazytown!

Well, it's finally here - wedding week. Obviously not my wedding week. That would just be crazy! Wait, wedding week? Since when are weddings week long affairs? Oh well.

As you all know, my younger brother is getting married on Friday. My younger brother is getting married and I do not have a date. Pretty shitty, right?

It gets better!

Two weeks ago, I attended the wedding of my younger brother's best friend on Saturday night. The next day, at our family Easter gathering, my younger cousin got engaged. Two weeks after little brother gets married - I will get on a plane to Missouri to be in the wedding of a friend. Today, I got an invitation in the mail for a former colleague's wedding.


To be honest, it is amazing that I am sitting here typing this post and not drowning myself in a bottle of Crown right now.


  1. I think that bottle is waiting for the bitterfest on May 21st.

  2. hahahahaha - i'm living in Singletown with you buddy - we need a vacation.