Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You'll Never Believe It...

Last weekend, I flew to Sacramento to surprise EID for her 30th birthday! She turned 30 earlier in the week, amid a major mental breakdown, and was spending the weekend at a conference in California's Capitol City.

So, on Friday afternoon, I boarded a plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor headed to Sac-town. Unbeknownst to EID, Auditor and I had devised a plan in which she would pick me up from the airport and we would surprise EID at the hotel.

I arrive in Sac, later than planned, due to a delay somewhere else in the world earlier that day. And it is raining. Not just a sprinkle that might let up soon - full on rain. And I didn't bring any rain clothes. My lucky day.

As I stand under cover, enjoying my snack of edamame, (did you know that you can't bring yogurt on the plane? It is considered a cream), my old boyfriend from "Stay Beautiful" found me. Seriously, I can not make this up.

I saw him out of the corner of my eye and immediately pulled out my phone to call For two reasons, really. 1. To appear busy so that he would not talk to me, and 2. To tell her what was happening. However, he walked up to me and stood there until I hung up. So I couldn't tell her that the crazy man who told me to stay beautiful was standing right in front of me.

I successfully blew him off, but I'm kind of scared to ever fly into that airport again...

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