Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Adventures of Granny B and Airplane

For the past two days I have spent a lot of time with Granny Baller. We were scheduled to have lunch yesterday and when I arrived at her house she told me that we just had to wait for the painter to come to give her an estimate. Simple enough, right? Wrong. We also had to pick out a color for her house to be painted and what started out as off-white, quickly escalated to gold. So after an hour of paint chipping (and me talking her out of mustard yellow), we decided that the painter would return today at 11 to paint samples of each color on the wall for us to choose. Then we headed to lunch and ran errands for another two hours. No big deal.

But I was to return today at 11 to help pick out the paint color. And I knew that after we did that she needed me to run her to the post office. All tasks that I can handle.

After we picked out paint colors, we went to lunch at PJ Fangs. (Granny B LOVES this place!)

Let me take you back in time a couple of months: PJ Fangs had just opened near her house and she wanted to eat there. So we did. When lunch was over she took the plastic chopsticks (ok, I'll admit that IT and I stole a couple pairs of these in college...), and put them in her purse. Then she turned to me and said, these make really good stirrers. I thought to myself, so do spoons. But I let it go and asked her if she wanted mine too. She said that one pair would be enough.

About a month after that, we eat there again. We finish lunch and the same thing happens, only she explains that she uses them to stir paint when she needs to do touch-ups. Ok, whatever.

Back to the present - today after two days of dealing with the painter, we go to PJ Fangs for lunch and before we even get our drinks she puts the chopsticks in her purse and tells me again that she needs them to stir paint. WHAT?? How much paint is she stirring?? And how many touch-ups does she think she'll need to do after the professional comes in next week to repaint the whole house?

Ah, never a dull moment.


  1. hahaha i was there for one chopstick theft!

  2. hahaha - as a former employee I can confidently tell you, this is a REGULAR occurence, not just by Granny's, but by young children, Moms, Dads, Cousins... it's a bit out of control. But let's talk about how much Granny B is painting... is she getting high off too many fumes yet?