Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yesterday the family got together for my grandma's birthday and my cousin, FredAstaire* was there. FredAstaire is an engineer and about a year ago he got a job with a new firm. He has now been there long enough that he has people working under him and he sits in on their interviews.

In the last couple of months, a new guy was hired. We'll call him Eminem*. Eminem is right out of college and FredAstaire has found himself having to teach this young fellow all about proper office behaviors.

For example, they sit in cubicles, and every morning at around 8:02 am, Eminem comes into FredAstaire's cube and stands behind him before making himself known. About a week ago, they had to have their first lesson of cubicle etiquette and Eminem has followed protocol since then.

Then problem #2 arrived. This beats the shit out of problem #1.

Eminem sent FredAstaire an email asking him to review a program for him. (I'm not really sure what exactly that means.) Pretty simple request, right? Wrong.

The email went something like this:

"Yo, bra. This program is totally fizzle. Would you be sick twisted awesome and check it out for me? Thanks, Eminem (ballin') ps - I'm trippin to become the next Eminem."

Friends, I can not make this up. Is this kid serious?

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  1. I came in late on the convo and missed that part. I only picked up "ballin" I'm afraid he needs to be fired...