Friday, September 4, 2009


I almost forgot - Diddy and I had dinner at PJ Fangs the other night and I was sitting with my back to the restaurant. At the beginning of our meal, Diddy pointed out an old couple to me. He had his napkin tucked into his shirt and we decided that true love is not caring that your partner is eating his meal like that.

When the old couple got up to leave, Diddy noticed that the lady was taking her chopsticks with her.

She must have some paint to stir also.

Which reminds me - Xou Xou called today. Granny B had hand surgery this morning and Xou and were at her house and opened up a drawer and found the hidden stash of stolen chopsticks.



  1. So I'm guessing they weren't covered in paint...

  2. if some one can get steal me some chop sticks i would appreciate it
    i like to use them with my ramen.. i mean to stir paint.