Monday, September 29, 2014

Why I CrossFit

I know that there are a multitude of articles out there about why CrossFit is bad. And why people hate it. And I've read quite a few of them. And they all make my blood pressure rise.

And the truth is that those of you reading this are my family and friends who already know why I CrossFit or how I feel about it, but I just had to write it down.

In the beginning, I did CrossFit because a friend from college was posting about it on Facebook and it sounded awesome.

Then Banana bought a 12-class punch card at the local gym, but before she could use it, Bunner got a new job and they moved to the other side of town. And in a manner totally unlike any fitness institution I have ever visited, they let her transfer those classes to me.

That was over three years ago. 

Since the moment I walked into the gym for my first WOD - Run 400m, Row 500m, Run 400m, Row 500m - I have been encouraged by the coaches at the gym. 

I CrossFit because on the days when a skill is failing me, my classmates rally around me and offer me tips to get better.

I CrossFit because on the days when I hit a PR, everyone cheers for me.

For the first time in my fitness life, I can see the changes in my body. I can feel the strength that I am gaining. I can record my victories.

I CrossFit because the community is amazing. Because when I am out of town and get the courage to go to another gym (even though I wouldn't consider myself a "cross fitter" because of my weaknesses), the coaches and patrons of those gyms cheer for me just as loudly as my own coaches and classmates.

I have worked with a number of trainers, some of whom are still my friends, but I have never worked with people like my CrossFit coaches who try to understand me as an individual and work with me to use my strengths and weaknesses to achieve my goals.

I CrossFit because I love it. I wake up at 4:15 four mornings a week (even on my day off) because I have never finished a lift or a WOD and thought, I wish I would have stayed in bed instead of doing that.

And for me, the love of the game is one of the most important things. Because when I'm feeling down because I think I should be smaller or stronger or more gymnasty, if I didn't love it, I would quit. 

I know that CrossFit isn't for everyone - that doesn't stop me from trying to get them to give it a shot. I would love it if my entire family went to CrossFit with me, but that isn't realistic nor is it my reality.

I CrossFit because I know that I am building a body that I can be proud of. I know that I am living healthier than I have ever lived before. And I know that I have a gym and a worldwide community full of people who get that.

I CrossFit because I can.

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