Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thanks, Speedy God...

Ok, bloggers, I'm going to get serious here for a minute, please bear with me. (When inspiration strikes me, it would be rude of me not to share with you, my loyal fans.)

Last week, my mom's cousin passed away. It was sudden and unexpected. This particular woman happened to also be the pediatrician for all of the children in my family. She was a hardcore doctor. (She yelled at my mom when I was very small and my mom took me in for a check-up only to find out I had walking pneumonia...who would have thunk it?) Yet, I can't imagine what our lives would have been like had we gone to another pediatrician. My nephew was also a patient of hers, and the few times I went in with Sissy* for his medical needs, the office still looked and smelled the same. It is true that some things never change.

Anyway, the funeral was yesterday and as I sat in the church next to Bunner* going through mass, I remembered that when I was a small child I used to think that after the 1st and 2nd readings the response was, "Thanks, Speedy God." (Perhaps only the Catholics will get that.) It made me smile a little and I leaned over to Bunner and told him.

On our way to the burial, I told the rest of the family that story and they all laughed.

Let me back up a minute, the eulogy was delivered by the niece of the deceased and she did an amazing job. I hope that some day someone will say such nice things about me. But, in part of her letter she asked, "why did it have to happen so suddenly." Later on in the day my mom mentioned that there are Italian women all over the world praying the rosary that when it is their time to go, it happens suddenly. (I was a little bothered by that.)

Tonight I was thinking about that again (I honestly have no idea why), and it occurred to me that maybe I wasn't so far off the mark, thanking a speedy God. Perhaps Dr. D thanked him too when she got to the pearly gates.

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  1. airplane you hit the mark exactly i totally agree although it may be rough on family members a sudden death but, we all will say why so sudden , but on the other hand we will question a persons suffering for me i would rather see a " speedy god" less painful suffering is for me the best i know all of this is a little confusing but right now my mind is being subjected to a little out side influence also my family is alittle different when it comes to morning a death in that we all joke and laugh, also cry, but we remember funny things that someone would do and we would all notice like sayings and funny habits, or manorisms that some would have so i guess that is all that i have to say about that. shalom