Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Feliz Navidad

For the last month IT Girl and I have been planning a Roommate Reunion for the weekend before Christmas. We had a great plan - I would pick her up from the airport on Thursday night, and Friday we would work from my house and then go to the grocery store for dinner ingredients. While making dinner we would drink wine and watch movies. Saturday night we'd go out on the town and Sunday I'd take her home.

Thursday and Friday went just as planned. Dinner was delicious and oh the wine we drank (I was disappointed in the movie, but one can't have everything). We were a little tipsy when we went to bed, but surely we'd recover in time for Saturday night drinks and dancing.

How wrong I was...

Imagine my disappointment in waking up at 1:30 Saturday morning to find that I'd been infected by the Hantavirus (ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic). I was very congested, coughing, achy all over, and my head was pounding. I thought I could attribute achy and headachy to the wine, but to my knowledge it had never caused congestion and coughing, so I was pretty sure there was something else wrong. There was - I had the flu.

IT and I were still determined to go out that night, so I popped some Airborne, vitamin C, and ibuprofen and went to the couch to get some more sleep. No luck. I woke up around 9 am sicker than before.

After spending 2 days drugged up and in quarantine and another day on the couch, I am feeling a little better. However, I do not think IT has fared so well. I got a text message from her this morning that said she thought she was dying.


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  1. Yes Airplane, death was upon me for about 4 days... I will say the first 3 were horrendous (and don't worry... those were Dec 23rd, Christmas Eve, and Christmas). Day 4 was awful b/c it was the day my Grandpa went into the hospital - and now, 1 week later - he's still there. Bogus. At least the head cold and body aches are gone... oh, and wine is being consumed again.