Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stay Beautiful

Picture this - I'm at the Sacramento Airport, waiting inside the doors near baggage claim for my ride, (mostly because it is freezing outside) gathering all of my belongings together, not really paying attention to the people around me. A man who works for an airline (obvious by the airline sweatshirt he was wearing) walks by me to go outside and says, "Hi, how are you?" Being polite (and caught a little off guard) I smile and say hello back. He goes out the doors and sits down to smoke what looked like a Swisher Sweet (hot - I know!). I continue to stand inside watching for my ride to pull up.

About ten minutes later he walks back in and comes closer to me and says, "Stay beautiful." What do you say to that? "Really? I was thinking about getting ugly, but now that you've requested that, I'll take it into consideration." Seriously - what a random thing to say. But I just smiled at him and went about my business. Figuring that he was now off of his smoke break and inside, it would be safer for me outside - I moved out to the curb to wait.

As is typical, things did not go my way. While waiting on the curb, he came back outside.

Airport Guy: So, do you live in Sacramento?
Me: No.
AG: Where are you from?
Me: Arizona.
AG: It's hot there.
Me: Yeah.
AG: Do you live in Phoenix?
Me: (For ease of answering) Yes.
AG: How long are you in town?
Me: Just a couple of days for work.
AG: Oh. For work, huh?
Me: Yes.
AG: (stands there awkwardly for what felt like forever) Well, have a good trip. You really are beautiful.

And so goes the story of my life, attracting all of the men I have no interest in and none of the ones I do...

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