Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I know I owe you all a funny story or two, but I'm SO tired I can't be funny.

In the interim, please enjoy the adorableness that is my nephews:

I was up in Flagstaff with Such'n'such last week and we stopped by the toy store after breakfast because she needed some post-breakfast taffy and I found these wax teeth. We got a set for each of the boys, but Tiny didn't really know what to do with them.

I took both of the boys to get their hair cut and at the barber shop they get lollipops when we pay. So Biggie picked a lollipop, but told me that he was going to save it because I already bought him the best treats.

Included in his package with the fangs/lips were poprocks and gum cigarettes.

Tiny enjoyed his first hair cut a little more than I expected.

How adorable is he? 

Never mind the drool running down his smock - apparently Italians produce more saliva. Or at least that is what Sissy tells herself to feel better about herself.

On that same day, Biggie asked me, "Wo (that's what he calls me), does God really love all our worship?"

Seriously, those words came out of his mouth - he is so cute!

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