Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Good Starbucks Karma
I went ahead and bought the coffee of the person behind me in the drive-thru at Starbucks on Friday. Nothing spectacular came from it. Until today. I was forcing Diddy to help me stuff a mailing today and told him that I would bring him coffee to entice him. So I stopped by a Starbucks and ordered both of us a coffee. The barista was chatting with me while making my drink and then she looked down and said, "Oh my, I gave you four espresso shots instead of two. I'm sorry." 
I'm certainly not sorry.

Crafts and Such'n'such
I was up in Flagstaff again at the end of last week. I stayed with Such'n'such like I often do - and we had a freaking blast! We were watching Center Stage (yes, O'Dub it is one of the greatest movies ever made! Just watch the clip below) and Such pulled out a friendship bracelet making kit. All of the sudden I was back in the summers of my high school years...
Apparently it is one of those skills you don't forget - and I'm still REAL good at it!

We also found some remnants of our IC trip to Vegas a couple of years ago.
Unfortunately, this picture was not successful in getting Ritzy to text us back.

First Round Choke Hold
Cagefighter had another fight this weekend!
You may remember that back in July he fought in Martial Combat and won. Well, he fought again on Friday, challenging a guy he previously lost to.
Watch the video - it is totally worth it!
Click here, search Ray Elbe, watch the fight vs. Ritch.

Let's Roll
Tiny Smalls was keeping the family tradition alive with his new t-shirt on Sunday.

Yeah, that kid is ADORABLE!

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