Monday, November 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday - Making a Comeback!


 BigSurprise came to town last weekend for a quick visit. It was everything that you can imagine, and more! We laughed so hard we cried! 

I really should get better at documenting my life with pictures. Maybe one of these days...

For now, you will have to sustain with this picture of BigSurprise, me, and Dirty at the baggage claim - you got a lot of luggage in your name - sorry, I got sidetracked.

Dirty and I thought we were hilarious with our sign to greet BigSurprise at the gate!


The sisters, Rejuba, and I hosted a baby shower for Banana this weekend - you can head over to her blog to see pictures of the festivities.

(See #1 regarding being better about documenting my life...)

After the shower, I hung around Sissy's house until Biggie's football game started - Tiny slept through the entire shower and woke up right as everyone was leaving. Match had put him to sleep right after his bath so when he woke up he had some crazy hair - I wanted to take his picture and this is what he did...


Can't forget a picture of Biggie at his game. He was not all about me taking his picture...

I'm still trying to figure out Instagram...


I got an iPhone. And I'm totally overwhelmed by it!

Do you use Pinterest? I'm totally overwhelmed by it as well!


If the definition of "whelm" is "to submerge; engulf" - is overwhelm redundant?


I owe you lots of posts - and I'm going to try to get some down in the next couple of days, I promise.


Did you read The Hunger Games? I LOVED the series! Have never been more into a series of books.

Well, they made a movie. And though I have no faith in Hollywood, I watched the trailer today for the movie - and I think they may have done it!

I'm all of the sudden super excited to see the movie!


  1. You and dirty and your iphones...I'm starting to think twice about my crackberry!