Monday, December 12, 2011

Keepin' It Miscellaneous

Holy Hannah Montana - I can't believe this is my first December post... I can't believe any of you are still out there reading this thing!


This past weekend was our annual trip to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and it was one for the books.

I'll do some recaps later in the week (though I'll have to make them PG, remember my parents read this blog...)

For now, you will have to enjoy a few miscellaneous thoughts from the adventure.

search and rescue

We've deployed a search and rescue to try and locate Dirty's dignity.

According to DVL* I'm lucky that you can't lose something you never had...

cherry vodka

Take it from me, carrying a flask of cherry vodka in your clutch may lead to a marriage proposal, but it will also lead to a headache in the morning.

long live cowboys

But not this one - he tried to shoot me.

packing up and moving out

Diddy was not excited when he opened the car to put his bag in and found this:

I was not this enthusiastic on the ride home:

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