Monday, August 5, 2013

Absolutely No Fear

Last week I was talking to Sissy about my conversation with Trainer and our upcoming dinner. Which prompted her to ask about the other gents in my life.

I was telling her a story about one in particular and she said, "AIRPLANE! If that doesn't show you that he is afraid of rejection, I don't know what will!"

The following day, Match and I were talking about that conversation.

She agreed with Sissy.

Me: I can't baby him forever. It's not that hard to communicate.
Match: For you.
Me: For anyone. Are you thinking of someone? Call them. Send them a text. It's so simple.
Match: You would think that. It's not that easy for people who are afraid of rejection.
Me: I'm afraid of rejection too. But it doesn't stop me from communicating.
Match: There is a BIG difference between not wanting to be rejected and trying to avoid it and having an absolute fear of it.
Me: So you're saying I'm in the first category?
Match: (rolls eyes)

Match keeps telling me that I'm different and other people aren't like me. And I don't understand it.

I mean, is it that hard to communicate?

I mean seriously, folks, I'm scared of rejection. I do believe I have talked about it before.

No one likes hearing "no." In any context.

Certainly there are times that I have avoided sharing my feelings in order to avoid a potential rejection, but I don't think I've avoided communication entirely.

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