Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Show Us Your Colors!

Diddy, Banana, and I once again attended a UA basketball game together; and like the first, this one did not lack for excitement.

This time Banana got a group of UA peeps together to attend the UA vs. ASU game at Wells Fargo Arena in Tempe. Late decision making and last minute planning put us literally at the top of the arena. We were sitting against the wall (as you'll recall, Banana sat in the same place at McKale) and were mostly surrounded by Devils. (I'm going to interject right here that ASU fans suck! Not just because they cheer for the wrong team, but because they are boring!) Diddy, Banana, and I are a little more excitable about our basketball team. We stood for the whole game (there is a benefit to sitting against the wall) and yelled our hearts out. (We had to be careful though because the air is thin way up there and we almost passed out a couple of times.)

Banana is HILARIOUS at basketball games! Some examples of things she yelled:

Hey, Ref, you need to come up here and watch the game, because that's not what I saw.

(When ASU shot an air ball) Nice shot. I'd like to see that one again later.

Your whistle is in your mouth. (Then when the people around us looked at her, she said, He couldn't find it, and it's in his mouth.)

There were many more that I can't remember. Suffice it to say we laughed a lot. Until the game went into overtime and thanks to the refs, the Devils won the game for the first time in 12 years.

However, the funniest part of the night came in the parking garage...

As you can imagine, the place was packed with an arena full of people trying to exit. The three of us were in Banana's truck moving along at a turtle's pace, when we came to a crossroads - three lines of traffic trying to merge. (Normally, we are of the belief that each car allows one car to go in front of them to be fair, but we broke that rule this night.) As we were merging there was a small black car trying to get in front of us, we were trying to determine if they were UA or ASU fans, but they had jackets on over their shirts so we couldn't tell. So Banana rolled down her window and grabbed her shirt, yelling, Show us your colors! They yelled back that they were ASU fans and she gunned it so they couldn't get in, then yelled out, Sorry, you win some, you lose some.

The people were rolling...

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