Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Time Warp

So last weekend, Diddy and I made the drive up to Kingman for the Mohave County Annual Dinner and Dance. And it was a party! Whiskey and White Zinfandel were flowing like water and everyone was wearing their nicest outfit for the occasion! There were people there who hadn't been to "town" in months and they were ready to let loose. I'm almost positive that there were people there who have never been out of Mohave County.

Included in the fashion were:

- A 1989 Brushpopper with wolves howling at the moon.

- Some of the fanciest hair-dos I've seen since the Brady Bunch went off the air.

- Several pairs of brand new Levi's. And when I say brand new, I mean stopped at Corral West on the way into town and put them on at the hotel.

- A woman with crimped hair down to her butt. I'd like to know where she found that crimper though, because two Halloweens ago, BFL* and I looked everywhere for a crimper and we never found one.

- A woman wearing Rockies, circa 1995. I honestly don't think you can buy those anymore.

It was quite entertaining.

And speaking of fashion, Diddy and I went to the bar the other night with a couple of friends and there were three things that I would be remiss if I didn't mention:

- A VERY large man wearing a shirt that he stole from the Renaissance Festival.

- Wynonna Judd's twin, wearing the shiniest faux silk shirt I've ever seen.

- The fanciest ladies reverse mullet I've ever seen. It was definitely "party in the front, business in the back!" Part of me wondered if she got her hair cut in Leaf Verde.

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