Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Sorry, What Did You Say?

So there is apparently a characteristic that I inherited from my mom. There is clearly something about us that makes people want to tell us intimate details of their lives.

I can not begin to tell you how many times someone has poured out their soul to me and then followed it with, "I don't know why I just told you that."

Yeah, well I don't know why either and it is kind of freaking me out!

So, tonight, I'm in New Mexico for work and it happened again. Well - kind of.

As you'll remember, back in October, a portion of the fam and I headed to Hawaii for a work meeting. Well, it was a regional meeting so there were people from all over the southwest there. And there was this one family - a man, his wife, two daughters and mom.

Tonight, I was wandering around the social (actually contemplating heading back to my room and skipping dinner) when he stopped his conversation and yelled out, "What are you doing walking around here all alone?" As much as I would have liked to ignore him, I didn't. I walked over and started chatting. I kind of thought he was drunk becuase he kept swaying and getting really close to me (many of you know of my personal space issues...), but then he mentioned that he quit drinking. Hmmm. So then I ask, (because I've run out of things to talk about and it is getting awkward) "Did you come alone?" I don't think this is a strange question - I met his family. We all spent a week together. And he says, "Yeah, my wife found another boyfriend so I'm really alone."

What are you supposed to say to that?

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  1. ouch that's hard to swallow...awkward is an understatement