Saturday, July 11, 2009

Step Up 3: The Gym

For the past week, I have been taking some of the group fitness classes at the gym. I tend to get tired of just doing an hour of cardio on a machine so I figured that the classes would break up the monotony.

On Tuesday night, I attended the Latin Fusion class. Apparently the teacher was a sub and she didn't like the music that the normal teacher gave her, so she made up her own class. We basically just did some hip hop dance moves to music for an hour. It was a great workout! Before the class started one of the other girls in attendance started talking to me and after class she asked me if I wanted to attend the Hip Hop class taught by the same teacher on Thursday.

So, Thursday night rolls around and I put on my normal workout clothes and head to the gym. I'm standing in the classroom waiting for my new friend to arrive when others start coming in for the class. They are all wearing hip hop clothes - scrunchy pants, sweat pants with one leg pulled up, wife beaters, etc. I felt like I was on the scene of a movie. And then the class started. And it was literally a hip hop class. We learned a dance. To a song I've never heard. It was not aerobics.

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