Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Can Hear The Bees Buzzing Through The Walls

Many of you know that I am obsessed with my nephew, BiggieSmalls*! He is hilarious! Seriously, the kid came out with my sense of humor! (As a sidenote: I also love TinySmalls*, he just can't talk yet, so he isn't as funny.)

So Biggie comes up with the most hilarious things you've ever heard. He doesn't miss a thing.

Let me also mention that Sissy has a beehive at her house. And not like, oh there's a beehive in the tree. Up on the mountain in a crack in a rock, there is a GIANT colony of bees making their home. On Biggie's first birthday, a friend of mine came up with his bee suit and tried to kill them, but there was no way to get them all. (I have pictures of this, but they are on another computer.) For some reason, these bees are non-aggressive and very attracted to water. They will literally drown themselves in a bowl of water. It is crazy.

Sissy just got a new dog so there is a bowl of water on the porch by the door, which means there are hundreds of bees also on the porch by the door.

So the other night, and I were up at the house to spend the night before we headed to Tucson. Sissy was out of town and and I were outside pushing Biggie on the swing. As we're swinging, he says, "Those futting bees." We ignore him and he says it again. Again we ignore him and he says it a third time. I tell him that we do not use that language and he should not say it again. We're good for the night.

The next morning, the two of us were outside giving the dog a treat and I needed to run inside to get So I say, "Biggie, I'll be right back. I just need to run inside for a minute." And he says, "Wait, I'm coming with you. There's a lot of futting bees out here!"