Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss Me! I'm Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I gave up alcohol for Lent, which really puts a damper on St. Patty's Day festivities. Oh well. Diddy, O'Connor, Dirty, and I have a softball game tonight as well. We'll (read they will drink, I will drive) most likely be getting some drinks before the game, so I will celebrate.

As you may or may not know, my Popie was Irish. Granny B has some pretty choice words about Irish folks, and I suspect it is because Popie drove her a little crazy sometimes. But I'm sure the feeling was mutual.

Either way, I thought of Popie this morning as I was getting ready for work. I thought about the time I made him green clover-shaped cookies when he was in the rehab facility.

Yes, the cookies were actually green - not the frosting. I didn't frost them.

I'm trying to remember if they were sugar or shortbread cookies though. Because he really liked shortbread, but I don't recall ever making shortbread in my life.

And if they were sugar, why wouldn't I have frosted them?

Who knows.

Then I was talking to Diddy on the way in and we got on the subject of muffins and him eating all of the muffins that Dirty made and I called him a fatso.

Then I smiled and told him, "You're gonna be a fatso like Popie."

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  1. I was just talking about being a fatso like Popie :)