Monday, April 19, 2010

Is That Your Car?

Tyler is in the shop. It is the result of a car accident that happened years ago and crappy work by the body shop that repaired it back then.

In the meantime I have a rental car. A brand new rental car. Nothing spectacular though. Just a car.

So on Friday afternoon I was at the local market to visit the redbox so Dirty and I could watch a movie and have a drink when we got home.

As I was walking back out to my car I noticed a guy walking towards me and staring at me. I thought nothing of it and continued to make my way to the rental car. I then unlocked the door, got inside, started the car, and put it in reverse.

I was backing out of my parking space when I noticed the guy standing a few cars away. I made eye contact with him and he mouthed (or maybe said out loud, my window was up), "Is that your car?"

Well, I sure hope so, otherwise Hyundai is going to have to look into their keys unlocking and starting random cars.

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