Monday, September 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I was in Flagstaff for work last week (there will be a special post pertaining to the trip) and I was able to attend Such-n-such's birthday party. I was also able to meet her identical twin sister for the first time. On Friday night, I was standing in the kitchen of the party with twin sister and we were laughing about something when she turned to me and said, I'm going to get you one of those shock collars that shocks you whenever you laugh. I will admit I was a little hurt until she explained that it was because my laugh is so contagious that when I laugh, she laughs, and then she almost pees her pants. 

Sometime in the coming days I will detail the adventure that was the creation of this apple crisp:
Trust me, it was DELICIOUS! And adventurous!

On Saturday, I was in the car with Sissy and I was telling her some story in which I apparently took someone's problems and made them my own. She said to me, You need to stop doing that. You have too big of a heart. I replied with something like, Yes, a huge character flaw. 
I'm not trying to tell you all that I'm the most wonderful, caring, giving person in the world. I just thought it was interesting that someone who tell a person that their heart was too big.
(Though I will admit that I often get hurt because I care too much.)

I may be a little late on this post, but it is FOOTBALL SEASON! I love college football. Mostly during the bowl season, but I just think that they play with so much more heart than the professionals. That being said, I have joined a Fantasy Football League. It is crazy and laughable, but I won my match-up last week and if the Saints play worth a darn tonight, there is a good chance I can win this week's match-up also!
Everyone cross your fingers for my team, the Homerun Leaders! (Yeah, I'm hilarious! It's a league full of men, I wanted them to think I didn't know anything about football.)

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  1. I love it that your apple crisp was 'adventurous!'

    It is a precious thing to have a big heart and you WILL need to be careful not to take on everyone else's worries...but gosh, a big heart is something to admire!

    And...I can picture you with a contagious laugh! :)