Monday, June 13, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I spent the weekend in San Diego with my family.

In honor of Miscellany Monday here are some random things that Biggie said this weekend.

  • We got to San Diego and we had about 3 hours until Match and Papa were done with dinner so Sissy and I decided to drive the boys over the Coronado Bridge. As we were driving around Coronado I mentioned something about the Navy Seals.

Biggie: Aunt Airplane, what are Navy Seals?
Me: They are an elite force of fighters.
Biggie: Do they fight bad guys?
Me: Yes, they do.
Biggie: Do they kill bad guys?
Me: Yes, they do.
(After about 45 seconds)
Biggie: Then they are awesome!

  • All weekend he asked me if he could listen to "Hey-yo" on my phone. And then I would give him the phone and he would sing Taio Cruz' "Dynamite." The kid can rock!

  • He is apparently learning about the predator/prey relationship, so every animal that we talked about he would ask, "What can a(n) _______ do to you." One of our plans for the weekend was to visit SeaWorld and I was telling him about going to see the Shamu show.

Aunt Airplane, I don't think I'll like Shamu. That black and white whale can kill me. The baby Beluga is better.

Strangely enough, there was a baby Beluga at SeaWorld who was born on Biggie's birthday last year. Though I must tell you - the water was not warm.

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