Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soft and Strong

What would Father's Day be without a post dedicated to PapaBear?

There are a million things that I could say about my dad, but the most impressive thing - the thing that I think speaks to the man he truly is - is that at the State Capitol, where corruption unfortunately wins the day too many times, everyone who knows him can say only good things about him.

People who are so philosophically opposed to his beliefs that they would never agree will tell you that they respect him for his honesty and hard work.

For me, I can appreciate that he always pushes me.

That he always loves me.

That he always picks me up when I am down.

He can be grouchy.

And impatient.

And he can get a little excitable when watching sports. 

But he's my dad.

And I love him.

And I couldn't imagine life without him.

(He's going to kill me for posting this next picture.)

I like my PapaBear in a pajama t-shirt and starched slacks...

For me it says, let's take care of business, and then we'll light up these cigars and party!

I love you, Dad!

Thank you for all that you do for me and my siblings.

We are successful because of you and Mom - and we will never be able to fully repay you.

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  1. I just caught up on pretty much all of your recent posts.
    a) I love you
    b) I think you're hilarious

    I would comment on each but I have a wriggle worm in my arms and I don't want to be a stalker...