Friday, March 1, 2013

Flashback Friday

I told you a part of this story ages ago, but recently SuperFan, Diddy, and I were enjoying a bottle of wine and the rest of the story came up.

I'll fill in a few details here.

Let's start with the Wednesday night of karaoke...

That was probably the first time that I had ever spent any real amount of time with DVL. At the end of the night, Diddy, DVL, and I walked back to our hotel together and then stood outside the hotel where I proceeded to have a conversation with DVL about a guy I went to high school and he went to college with that neither of us thought very nice things about. 

For like an hour or something.

The wine tour the next day was organized by DVL, and to be honest with you, he's lucky we are still friends after that.

When I tell you it was the worst hangover I ever had - I am not kidding. 

I literally thought that I was going to die on the bus on the way to wine tasting.

For some reason, Diddy and I ended up towards the back of the bus, next to the ice chest. So every time someone cracked open a beer, I nearly barfed. It was bad news bears!

At the first stop, Diddy needed to use the restroom, so he goes outside to the restroom and closes and locks the door, where there is a sign that reads, "Please be aware. There are snakes on the property."

He said at that point he thought to himself, If a snake gets in here, I'm effed. There is no way I'll move fast enough to get away.

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