Monday, September 23, 2013

In Hindsight, I May Have Overcommitted Myself

I feel like overcommitment is the story of my life. Seriously, I start every week thinking, I'm going to get so much done this weekend. Then things start creeping up.

At the end of a busy weekend, I rarely regret the events I go to or the friends I hang out with, but when it comes to be Sunday evening and I have no food prepared for the week, I start hyperventilating.

Okay, that may be a little dramatic.

 Either way, this weekend, though crazy busy, was excellent!

Something you  may not know about me is that I don't like to do things unless I know that I am going to be the best at them.

I know, it sounds irrational because VERY rarely is anyone the best at something the first time that they try it, but it is my irrational.

I think CrossFit has been good for me in this respect. Almost never am I the best at anything at CrossFit (except maybe lifting), and very often, I am the worst at things. But I keep going back and learning and improving and building and growing.

(Sidenote: did you see the Friends episode when Joey is going to marry Chandler and Monica and he keeps talking about giving and receiving? That is totally what I just thought about when I was typing that.)

So, last weekend I took a golf lesson that we "won" by coming in last at a charity tournament, and the instructor told me, "You have a great swing - you just need to play more."

Randomly, on Monday, Trainer texted that he still wanted to play golf with me again, so I took him up on it, and we made a tee time for Sunday morning.

On Tuesday, he texted that he had a friend he wanted to invite - a guy who works for PING. It is safe to say that I freaked out a little.

I mean, a guy who works for PING is probably a really good golfer, right? And me? I'm not.

I verbalized this to Trainer - he told me I was crazy - I didn't deny it - we went golfing anyway - PING joined us - I had a freaking blast!

I may need you all to remind me of that the next time I shy away from doing something because I'm afraid of failure. 

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