Wednesday, September 25, 2013

With Cheer and Goodwill...

Today after lunch, I was heading back to my office and decided I would stop at Goodwill. I wasn't necessarily looking for something specific, though I am in the market for a dresser for my guest room. 

However, I'm not in a hurry to get the dresser so I was just browsing to see if I could find anything exciting. As I was walking through the housewares section, I saw this:

So, I wondered, who donates an already burnt candle to charity?

Seriously, wouldn't you just throw this away?

And furthermore, why did Goodwill put this out for sale. 

At the next Goodwill store, I saw a young boy taking things from one section and seemingly hiding them in another section and it made me think of another time that allegedly happened.

Like six or so years ago, Freckles and I were going to a Halloween party and we needed costumes. We did what a lot of people our age do when faced with this dilemma - we hit the thrift shop. (What, what, what, what.)

On that shopping trip we decided pretty quickly that we would dress up like 80s ladies. We found most of what we needed for our outfits, but I needed some shoes.

Luckily I found a bright blue pump that would be perfect with the leg warmers I was going to wear.

Yes, you read that right, I found A pump. Just one.

So Freckles and I searched the rest of the shoe section, to no avail. Then we asked a girl who worked there if they keep shoes in the back. She didn't think so, but she went back there to check.

When she came out to tell us that the matching shoe was not in the back, another girl who worked there informed us that sometimes customers will hide things that they want to buy until 50% off day comes. 

Not willing to give up this integral part of my costume, Freckles and I searched high and low in that store! We looked under every rack of clothes, in every washing machine and dryer, opened suitcases and purses. There was no shoe!

The girl at the front told me that she would hold the one shoe that I had and hopefully they would find its match when they were cleaning up the store after closing. I agreed to that.

The next day, Freckles and I went back to the store and they hadn't found the shoe.

Me: Can I buy that shoe?
Cashier: The one shoe? 
Me: Yes, please.
Cashier: Um, you'll have to pay for the pair.
Me: That's fine.
Cashier: But you're going to only get one shoe.
Me: Yes, I understand.
Cashier: I'm not sure I understand.
Me: Ring me up for the pair of shoes and I'll take the one home. I will not let someone else win this battle. This is about principle now.

I still have that shoe.

It is a decoration in my house...

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