Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Going Postal...

As you can see in the post below this one, DVL and I looked DAMN GOOD at the wedding we attended together. And when you look that good, you print and frame that picture!

So that's just what I did. Printed a copy for me and a copy for DVL. And I framed his and put it in the mail to him so that he would get it when he got back to town from a work trip to California.

My plans were foiled by the USPS. They have lost the package. Seriously, it is gone.

I don't really understand how it can happen, but I had to call the Customer Care line last week to see what the story was.

USPS: Thank you for calling Customer Care, this is Nick, how can I help you?
Me: I am fairly certain that a package I mailed last week has been lost.
USPS: Oh no - do you have a tracking number?
Me: Yes. (Reads tracking number)
USPS: Yeah, it looks like it was scanned in Peoria, but it never scanned again. Let me get some information from you. What's your name and address?
Me: (Give him my name and address.)
USPS: And who was the package sent to?
USPS: What's the address?
Me: (Give him DVL's address.)
USPS: What was in the package?
Me: A framed picture.
USPS: Of what?
Me: Two people.
USPS: Could you be more specific?
Me: Ummm - me and DVL.
USPS: Ok - so a man and a woman.
Me: Yes.
USPS: And were you wearing formal clothes? Or casual clothes?
Me: He is wearing a tux and I'm in a black dress.
USPS: Wow - that's specific. Is is a color photo? Was it taken indoors? Or outdoors?
Me: Yes. Indoors. And I'm wearing orange shoes. And I look good.
USPS: Do the orange shoes pop?

I can see that this exercise is going to lead us nowhere... And I'm not surprised that the USPS is broke.

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  1. OMG, mommy. Was he Team Fuchsia? I do love mail service but the USPS needs to get. it. together!