Monday, December 23, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

Last week I had a bad attitude.

I cannot pinpoint when it started, but about halfway through the week I was ready to give up. Just call it a year and get drunk until Jan. 1.

2013 just wasn't the year I wanted it to be. Nothing horrendous happened, but a lot of small, really kind of crappy things did. And I decided that I had had enough of it.

I opened a bottle of wine, drank one glass, went to bed, and dragged myself to CrossFit the next day.

My attitude didn't change. In the back of my mind there was always that thought of defeat. Like 2013 had beat me. The race was over.

Then today it hit me - while things may not have worked out the way I would have liked, I have a lot to be grateful for.

I've had another year to spend with three grandparents who love me dearly.

My immediate family is healthy and happy.

There are five nieces and nephews that I get to see on a regular basis who fill my heart with joy.

I have spent another year CrossFitting and improving myself.

My job affords me the freedom that allows me to start my own small business.

I have a wonderful network of friends throughout North America (and now Europe.)

And so much more…

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