Monday, January 20, 2014

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

A friend of mine was in town this weekend and stopped by my house for a visit.

He grew up in my hometown and currently lives in DC - we'll call him JFK*.

And he is HILARIOUS!

So we were sitting in my living room chatting about his dating life and the following things were said:

JFK (While talking about a girl he is not interested in that a friend is trying valiantly to set him up with): She's just very simple. Like she would drink White Zinfandel.

(While discussing Tinder):
Me: Isn't that a super shady deal?
JFK: I've actually met some really nice girls on Tinder.
Me: Come on?
JFK: No, seriously. Like some legit Christian girls. Of course my roommate is also on it and he isn't meeting those kinds of girls.

Then he proceeds to tell me a story about a girl that his roommate started chatting with on Tinder when he was in an airport somewhere. They didn't actually meet, but she ended up in DC to visit some friends a couple of weeks later and she and her friends went to their house. 

So JFK comes back from a night at the bar with 7-11 nachos and gatorade and these strange girls are in his house. And he says to me, "You know you're in bad shape when a guy with 7-11 nachos and a gatorade is judging you."

It appears the bad dating stories are nationwide.

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