Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Puffy Adventure

I will start out with an apology for being MIA - this week has been more than I could handle and every time I sat down to write a blog I either fell asleep or got drunk.

Well, not really.

Kind of.

Either way, it's time to catch you up on our San Antonio extravaganza!

Many of you know that is obsessed with the Food Network. One of her favorite shows is Throwdown with Bobby Flay. A while back, his episode was filmed in San Antonio - and the challenge was Puffy Tacos. Since that episode aired, has been desperately wanting to travel to the Lone Star State to taste a puffy taco. When Doc was doing his rotation in San Antonio she tried to make him go and try them and let her know how they tasted. He never did.

Leading up to our trip, "rubbed a little Google" on puffy tacos and discovered that Oscar's Taco House was the best place to get this delicacy.

The plan was for, Dirty, and me to get coffee and a small breakfast and then meet up with PapaBear and Diddy to catch a taxi and head to Oscar's. While we were in Starbucks PapaBear called and said that they were STARVING (and he suffers from LBSCBDO - I just love The Pioneer Woman for making up this phrase). So we called Oscar's, determined that they opened in 30 minutes and went in search of a cab.

Apparently, the cab driver was not familiar with Oscar's so we had two GPS systems going and two people on the phone trying to get directions. PapaBear was getting angrier as the seconds passed and he was certain that we were going to a made up establishment.

As we got closer to to the restaurant, the neighborhood got a little seedy - at one point PapaBear said, "this is like one of those war games - we gotta fight our way into the restaurant."

We finally made it, and apparently were quite a sight, pulling up in a taxi. We actually paid the taxi driver extra to stay and wait for us to eat because we weren't sure we'd be able to find a ride back to the hotel.

After we sat down and ordered, the manager came out to talk to us. We told him the story of how we came to know about puffy tacos and he said that he watched that episode of Bobby Flay and he said, "come on Bobby Flay. come here. As long as it is in the daylight."

Either way, the food was delicious!

chips and salsa - the salsa was served warm
Puffy Tacos!! I had a chicken, bean and cheese, and carne guisada.
Because we had traveled so far, they gave us each a free cheese enchilada.

Well worth the trip and the story! And you can bet, that if we're ever in San Antonio again - we are heading to the Barrio for some lunch!

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  1. I wish the pictures were scratch-n-sniff or scratch-n-taste