Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forever and Ever, Amen.

Wow - it seems like forever since we last talked.

I'm sorry.

I'm a bad friend.

I need an assistant.

Or a new job.

I know - a new job as an assistant!

You all think I'm crazy, but I just know that I would LOVE to be someone's personal assistant!

In other news, I spent all weekend getting ready for Dirty to move in.

I am feeling really good about it - so much so that I kind of want to have a party so everyone can see how cute and adorable my house is.

Ok, maybe cute and adorable aren't the words - but organized and put together works.

I have to hang up some more pictures.

Some people say I'm a picture freak.

Perhaps they are right.

But I like pictures better than random trinkets and collections of stuff.

My family and friends are most important to me and that is what I display.

The adventures that are going to come with Dirty and I living together are going to make up for all of this lag time lately.

I promise.

Plus, Diddy and I are flying out to California on Saturday to drive her back. We'll be in the U-Haul with a two-way radio. Someone should record it - we could make millions.

Did I detect a niner in there? Were you callin' from a walkie-talkie?

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  1. Reading this just made my day so much brighter! I can't wait!