Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Putting Together a Dowry

I was talking to Match on Sunday morning and I mentioned to her that CageFighter had sent me a message the previous evening.

Really, the message wasn't anything exciting just a quick catch up kind of thing.

A couple of hours later, PapaBear and I were sitting in their living room rewatching UFC 132 when he turns to me and says, "Match told me you talked to CageFighter yesterday."

I clarified that it was actually an email, but I had indeed heard from him.

PapaBear: What did he have to say?
Airplane: Not much. Mostly he was upset because he was planning to come home for his 10-year Reunion in October, but they changed it to September.
PapaBear: Well he can still come home in October and visit.

What? Since when is PapaBear concerned about CageFighter's schedule.

The next day I mentioned it to Match, and half-joking I said, "I think PapaBear wants me to marry CageFighter."

She responded, "I think he just likes the idea of having a cage fighter in the family."


Now I'm concerned that PapaBear is putting together a dowry and sending me to Thailand.

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