Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spent $48...

Ok, I could have sworn that I told you all this story before, but it looks like I did not.

I thought of it today because we were all at coffee to visit with Freckles while she was in town when her mom announced to everyone that she was now the food critic for our local small town paper. Then Match said, "Maybe you'll get picked up by AP." I responded that I once was picked up by AP, but not the associated press...

I was a freshman in high school. BFL was dating the man who is now her husband, and Freckles, Quintomom, and I were single. It was fall in Arizona and the State Fair was in town. As part of the State Fair there are always pretty good concerts and we all decided that we would partake in a show. (I honestly can not remember who it was - I was clearly traumatized.)

So the four of us girls piled into LetishaTapangaZappa* and headed in to the fair to meet BFL's boyfriend and a couple of his friends. We probably spent upwards of two hours getting ready and at least thirty minutes driving towards the fairgrounds before one of the girls decided that maybe they should alert me to some shenanigans that were going to happen.

It turns out that one of the boys had a crush on me. His name was AP. He was a tall, goofy, redneck with a misshaped head. I'm telling you this guy was HICK! Well, at some point in the week leading up to the concert there was a roping contest and the deal was that if AP lost the contest he would have to ask me on a date the night that we went to the concert. And - here's the part that was REALLY important - if I were to say 'no' he was supposed to kiss me.

And my friends were not going to let me in on this information before getting into the situation. 

So, we show up at the concert and we're in the stands when AP starts talking to me. I totally have a plan to say that I would go on a date with him in order to avoid the kiss situation, no problem. Then he asks me if I'd like to go on a date with him some time. I stick to the plan. He veers WAY off course and says, "Why don't we go ahead and call this the date and you can come sit next to me."

Luckily I was thinking quickly that night and told him that I promised Freckles and Quinto that I would be on a date with them that night, so I'd have to take a rain check.

Crisis diverted.

Or not.

About halfway through the concert the boys decide that they are bored and they are going to head out into the fair to entertain themselves until we are done at the concert.

The concert ends and we find the boys, only to discover that AP has played every game on the  midway in order to win me some cheesy prizes. Including, but not limited to, a stuffed animal and some weird mirror.

From that point on the girls would sing Tim McGraw's "I Like It, I Love It" to me every chance they got. 

I never did go on that date with AP.

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