Wednesday, April 4, 2012

pretty in pink

Not many things make me feel as pretty as getting a manicure!

Adds a little femininity to my man-hands.

stolen goods

I stole these shoes from SuperFan and I don't want to give them back! And I can't find them anywhere to buy my own pair.

Super sad face!

And please don't mind that weird crooked second toe - I guess it never really healed from the breaking...

Double super sad face!

two months

BabyBunner is two months old and cuter than ever! I mean really - how could you resist this smile?!?

something new
For the month of April, I am going to try this little project...

your reflection

A very light reflection of me in the background of a picture of my sisters and me.


Trying to get some color from the sun at the final spring training game of the year.

It doesn't work when you use 50 spf...

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