Friday, April 13, 2012

Lost and Found

I was driving through my parents' neighborhood today and there was a handwritten sign up on a pole. It said:

Lost: Desert Tortoise

How in the world do you lose a desert tortoise??

Seriously, I rubbed some Google on it and discovered that the average speed of a desert tortoise is 0.2 mph.

Two tenths of a mile. Each hour.

I have been meaning to post all week. I seriously don't know what is wrong with me.

It is like I have so much to say, but I can't sit down and say it.

I do believe I am losing my mind, folks.

Today, Match and I were going to meet Sissy and the Smalls children, Banana and BabyBunner, and Papa for lunch and then some good ol' County Fair fun. 

Match had to run some errands before we met up with the crew. One of those errands was a stop at Costco for a booster seat for Biggie. When we pulled into Costco, we both mentioned the shady characters in the parking lot. So when I got out of the truck, I grabbed my purse and put it in the cart.

We made a circle around the store, they didn't have the booster seat. Nor did they have berries. So we decided to leave. We hit a traffic jam up near the registers so we dropped the cart off at a closed register and headed to the food court.

That proved to be an unsuccessful endeavor so we left. Then we headed to Sissy's doctor's office to wait for her to arrive. We were there for about 15 minutes when she pulled up and I got out of Match's truck and realized that I had left my purse in the cart at Costco.

Luckily I had the phone number pulled up on my phone already and called. They had the purse and we headed over there and picked it up. Everything was still in it, so no real harm done.

But what the heck?

I need to get my life together!

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