Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Talk

So here's the thing, I probably at least have some pictures from North Dakota to share, but I've kind of been in a funk lately so I haven't really gotten around to blogging.

Or even really reading blogs.

We are less than a month away from IT's wedding. 

IT was my college roommate. She's one of my best friends. We have spent the past 13 years lamenting the ridiculous boys in our life. Joining together, spending lots of New Years' Eves together, joining eHarmony around the same time, complaining about eHarmony, decoding dates, and generally being single together.

And she is getting married in less than a month.

That hit me where it hurts.

Not one other friend's wedding or child birth has affected me the way this one has.

I'm floundering.

There was a conversation taking place about yours truly recently and one person in the conversation said something to the effect of, she is who she is, she's never going to change.

And you know what I say to that?


I know that I'm not perfect, but you know what?

You're not either.

And that's ok!

I know that there are things about myself that I would like to change and things that I can work on.

And most days, I try to work on those things. I'm not always successful. And that's ok too!

As long as each day we are making some kind of progress, somewhere in our lives, I think we are winning.

With that said, I may have agreed to run a 1/2 marathon with Sissy.

Have I completely lost my mind?

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  1. It's been weird not seeing you! I commiserate on the funk. Please tell me the 1/2 is the PF Chang's in January?! I have a "team" you need to be part of!