Thursday, December 20, 2012

YOLO in Vegas

I should really be in bed right now in order to get up for 5am CrossFit, but I drank too much coffee this afternoon and I have some requests for blogs (because obviously I have been neglecting all of you), so here I sit.

I will blame you all if I don't get out of bed for back squats and rope climbs in the morning.

In really quick CrossFit news, either my new shoes are magic or I am amazing, because I ran 400m in 1:30 on Tuesday. (See what I did there?)

I'll give you a minute to let that sink in...

...Yes, you read that right - I ran, 1/4 mile in one minute and thirty seconds!!!

Our first run, we went too far so we ran 420m, and I did that in 1:40. Then we found the right line and I did the next five in: 1:30, 1:32, 1:38, 1:40, and 1:38.

Pretty much, I'm a badass. But moving on...

Last weekend was our annual Vegas trip for NFR. And as always, it was a blast!

I'll save most of the details for those who were there, after all, what happens in Vegas...but I'll give you a few highlights.

On Friday night, DVL, Dirty, Diddy, Idaho*, and I went out to dinner for DVL's birthday. He wanted Mexican food, so I took them to the ghetto - that's where the best Mexican food is after all. (Remember that trip in San Antonio? Papa thought we were going to have to fight our way out of that one.)

So after the longest cab ride ever, with the strangest cabby who wanted to take Dirty home with him, we arrived at the restaurant and got a table. DVL was ordering a drink - Crown and water - and the waiter was not picking up what he wanted. 

DVL: Crown and water and a glass of water, please.
Waiter: *blank stare*
DVL: I would like Crown Royal Whiskey and water.
Waiter: I don't know if we have that.
(After going to check)
Waiter: Ok, we have that - what do you want?
DVL: I want the whiskey with ice and water. And a glass of water.
Waiter: So, you want your water?

On Saturday morning, we trekked over to the Venetian/Sands to do some shopping. Before we made it into the shopping portion of the convention center, we stopped at the bar. We were in line when a very interesting lady lined up behind us. 

Diddy: I think I'm dehydrated. My legs are starting to hurt.
Dirty: Maybe you should get some water.
Diddy: I am - orange juice and vodka - there's water in that.
Classy Lady: (leans over to shake Diddy's hand) You're my kind of person.

Then she proceeds to tell us about how she's not as young as she once was and something about drinking too much Pendleton the night before. And I say something to the effect of, "It's a good thing this only happens once a year." Then I kind of zoned out. (Plus my brain wasn't working as quickly as it normally does.) So the next thing I hear her say is, "Try doing it on a first date."

I was like, Whoa, that escalated quickly!

And then I caught on - she was at NFR for the weekend on the first date. I mean really, who ever would have thought that was a good idea.

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